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I have many sites that display my photography.  My Wild Horse Photographs are the most popular, but I sell a lot of prints to parents of Eagle Scouts (

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About Me

I started photographing seriously just after I got out of the Army in 1974.  I have had a darkroom ever since, although I rarely use it.  My passion for photography came when I started using the Zone System, developed by Ansel Adams, with my 4×5 film camera.  I started with digital about 8 years ago and I currently shoot with a Nikon D810 and D800.  My primary wildlife lens is a Nikon 600mm F4 VR lens and my primary landscape lens is a Nikon 16-35mm F4.  For photographing the Qnaqui herd I usually use my 70-200mm f2.4 and my 200-400mm f4 lenses.

All of my wildlife photographs are shot IN THE WILD, not at a wildlife preserve, zoo, or fenced in wildlife park.  On a recent trip to photograph the Onaqui herd of wild horses in Utah’s West Desert, a fellow photographer (Bob Hills) took this photograph of me and one of the colts of the Onaqui herd.

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A friendly wild horse colt


I print my own prints on my Epson 7900 using Epson archival inks and Epson Archival papers.  This is the newest printer made by Epson and is used throughout the world for prints of the highest quality.  Many of the prints listed in my galleries are not a standard size (8×10, 16×20 etc).  I crop my photographs to make them pleasing, not to the standard sizes.  I can print any size up to 24 inches by 150 inches.  Because I print my own prints, I can “tweak” any image to specific size, change tone of toned image etc.  I’m hopeful that I can modify any photograph to your exacting specifications.

The prices below are prints made on Epson Premium Luster paper (my favorite).  I can print on Epson Satin Canvas for 30% more.

My prices are roughly as follows (plus shipping):

8×10     –     $25.00

11×14    –     $40.00

13×19    –     $65.00

16×20   –    $90.00

20×30  –     $175.00


Please email me if you are interested in purchasing any of my work from any of my websites.  All images can be printed full color or toned.  I can “tweak” the color of the toned black and white images to suite your décor.